Color Finder
Color FInder is designed to isolate specific colors in a photo or image. It is perfect for quilters or knitters trying to match a color in a photo.  ​Once an image or a photo has been selected, you can click anywhere in the photo to select colors to build a palette.

Once you have selected a palette, you can see the palette on a separate page.  The background color of this page can be changed and the spacing between the tiles can be removed using the Options shown to the left.
You can also click the Colors button to see all the colors in the image. Drag colors from the top list to the palette to add to the palette.  Drag tiles up from the palette to remove them.  Right tap a palette tile to locate the color or its closest match in the color array.  You can also drag the palette tiles to re-arrange the order of the tiles.
You can click on a tile to see a full screen tile for easy color matching.  You can also use Windows 8 sharing to share the palette or this tile.  The HTML color number is also shown for use in other programs.
The paid version of the program removes the ads and allows you to save your work in projects that can be recalled and edited.

If you find that there are too many similar colors shown, then you can adjust the number of colors by changing the All Colors - Less Colors slider.  
The image is originally shown with the image not cropped.  You can use the cropping rectangles in the corners to select a part of the image.  The cropped portion can be zoomed (using the zoom button in the upper right of the screen).  When the image is cropped and the Colors button is clicked, only the colors in that part of the image will be shown.
If it is hard to select a specific part of an image using touch, then use the zoom to blow-up a portion of the image.  This image can also be cropped. Then if the Colors button is clicked only the colors in the cropped portion of the image will be shown
These controls are shown in the upper right.  The zoom control becomes visible when the image is cropped. The Colors buttons is used to show the full color breakdown of the image or cropped portion of it.
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